IFG launches probe into illegal Peruvian plantings of proprietary table grapes

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International breeder is working with authorities to identify properties where unauthorised table grapes are being grown and sold

International Fruit Genetics and the Peruvian authorities have launched a probe into illegal plantings of IFG’s protected table grape varieties in the country.

The breeder is working with the National Institute for the Defence of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) and the National Institute of Agrarian Innovation (INIA) in the city of Ica, to identify properties where there is unauthorised planting, cultivating or illegally collecting and selling of the IFG’s protected table grape varieties.

Among the IFG table grape varieties protected by the Peruvian National Registry of Protected Plant Varieties are Sweet Globe, Cotton Candy, Sweet Sapphire, and Jack’s Salute among others, which are duly registered as trademarks in the US and elsewhere.

Sweet Globe is one of IFG’s protected varieties

As a result of a recent inspection in the Santiago District, the property owner chose to burn all the plants, eliminating the evidence and evading the consequences of the infringement.

“It is IFG’s policy to spare no time and effort to combat possible activities that violate its rights and safeguard its commercial interests, as well as those of its licensees,” said Andy Higgins, the company’s CEO.

In its capacity as titleholder of the breeder’s rights over the various protected grape varieties in Peru, IFG is entitled to prevent or initiate legal actions against third parties who, without IFG’s consent, carry out acts that are intended to produce, reproduce, as well as sell, market or import the genetic material or fruits from the varieties.

Possible repercussions for said actions may result in sanctions (fines), closure of establishments, destruction of the infringing material, and even compensation for damages caused.

“We will be vigilant and continue to take the necessary actions in provinces around Peru – and throughout the world – in defence of our rights,” added Higgins.

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