IFG pleads with China not to sell unauthorized grape varieties

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Rogue farmers have been found to be growing unauthorized IFG grape varieties in China. Sweet Sapphire and other branded grapes owned by the fruit-breeding company are among those being illegally sold.Andy Higgins, IFG’s CEO, is imploring retailers in China to only sell IFG grape varieties from a trusted importer. The executive pointed out that this would not only be an intellectual property breach, but could potentially be unsafe for consumers.

“IFG kindly asks retailers to ensure that they do not source or sell any fruit of any IFG variety which has been grown domestically. They risk infringing IFG intellectual property rights and possibly cheat Chinese consumers from the quality one expects of IFG produce,” Higgins said.

A long and challenging process

Higgins added that IFG is working hard to grow its varieties domestically in China. He assured the company maintains a good working relationship with the Asian country. The company leader assured that it will continue to provide produce to licensed growers.

The California-based corporation thanked China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) for its support as it targets those who infringe its patents.

“We would like to thank the PRC for their tremendous efforts in Plant Variety Rights (PVR) applications’ review and processing. And for their efforts to provide a great IP-protected environment for both domestic and foreign new varieties,” noted Higgins.

IFG says the Sweet Sapphire and Sweet Globe varieties are very popular globally, and especially in China. In China, IFG has also secured plant variety rights for 13 IFG varieties during May and August 2022.

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