Company claims grapes illegally grown in Italy

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Special New Fruit LTD (SNFL) announced today that it has started legal proceedings in the Court of Bari against a grower from the Rutigliano and Casamassima area. According to the company this grower has been illegally using SNFL property and producing the varieties Sheegene 4 (Luisco™) and Sheegene 20 (Allison™).

At the same time, SNFL also announced that it had just settled another case with a grower from the Grottaglie area for illegal production of its variety Sheegene 2 (Timpson™). In this case the illegal vineyard was uprooted and destroyed and the grower had to pay compensation to SNFL.

SNFL states that it is committed to stop any acts of infringement of its rights in Italy to protect the interest of SNFL’s bona fide licensed growers, who are demanding actions against these illegal producers who pay no royalties and therefore compete unfairly with SNFL licensed growers.

SNFL has been actively looking for infringers in the Puglia region and will always act against any illegal growers, taking legal action including the destruction of the vines and claims for compensation/damages.

A spokesperson said it is widely known Special New Fruit LTD is also the owner of the rights for Italy of the varieties known as “Timco TM” (“Sheegene 13”), “Melanie TM” (“Sheegene 9”), “Ivory TM” (“Sheegene 21”), “Melody TM” (“Blagratwo”), “Magenta TM” (“Sheegene 3”), “Great Green TM” (“Sheegene 17”), “Carlita TM” (“Sheegene 25”), “Kelly TM” (“Sheegene 18”), “Black Moon TM” (“Sheegene 16”), “Krissy TM” (“Sheegene 12”) and also “Ralli Seedless.”

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