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IFG's commitment in Italy is growing in fighting against illegal plantations

International Fruit Genetics, LLC of California, USA (IFG) is the sole and unique proprietor of different table grape varieties, such as IFG Eleven (Sugar Crisp ™), IFG 068-175 (Sweet Celebration ™), IFG Nine (Jack’s Salute ™), IFG Seven (Cotton Candy ™), IFG Six (Sweet Sapphire ™), duly protected with European PBR.

In the recent years IFG has undertaken a series of activities aimed to monitor the European Community market against counterfeiting acts committed by grapevine producers and traders.

The goal of IFG is to obtain the eradication of illegal plantations (no regularisation of illegal plants is legalised) and full recovery of damages and legal costs plus publication of the decision.

More specifically in Italy, IFG has appointed the Law Firm Novaro in order to carry on judicial activities against alleged counterfeiters before the competent judicial authorities.

All judicial actions launched were aimed to obtain evidences of the violation of Community PBR titles, obtaining from the judge preliminary measures to enter into the fields in which alleged illegal table vine plants belonging to the range of IFG varieties protected by a Community exclusive right were located.

All various search orders to date have confirmed the existence of illegal plantations of IFG protected varieties.

Judicial proceedings are still ongoing and there are still no judgments.

IFG has decided to take those legal actions in order to safeguard its own and licensees’ commercial interests, and intends to maintaining vigilance and legal actions in coming years against alleged counterfeiters.

IFG is confident of a positive outcome of all various legal actions undertaken and looks forward to a full respect of legality.

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